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iglidur I3 – the first 3D printing material for vehicle interiors

Julio Pauli | 26. June 2020

More and more automotive industry developers are relying on additive manufacturing procedures and 3D printing for prototypes and small batches. In doing so, they benefit from freedom of design and the speed of the manufacturing process. The igus 3D printing service can deliver the desired components to the customer within 24 hours. The service also eliminates set-up and tool costs, giving developers more leeway for changes to the application during the early stages of the project.  

The automotive industry requirement profile for materials used in vehicle interiors is continusously becoming more stringent. These requirements can be found in the OEMs specifications and are based on the legal requirements.   

iglidur® I3-PL, a material developed specially for laser sintering, has already passed the fogging tests according to DIN 75201-B and the fire test according to FMVSS 302.   

In tribological tests, I3-PL also exhibits abrasion resistance between three and thirty times that of conventional laser sintering materials. This means an increase in design freedom for wear-resistant sliding elements. Other benefits of iglidur® I3-PL: 

  • Good mechanical properties
  • Accurate in every detail with exact surfaces
  • For sliding applications and gears
  • Suitable for processing with commercially available laser sintering materials

 It is used for all sliding applications,  rollers,  racks,   spur gears  and bevel gears . 

What is fogging? To the blog: https://blog.igus.eu/how-to-avoid-fogging-in-the-car/  

Use our 3D printing service: https://iglidurdesigner.igus.tools/upload?l=de&c=DE  

Material data sheet: https://www.igus.eu/contentData/Products/Downloads/iglidur_I3_Werkstoffdatenblatt.pdf  

We would be happy to show you further advantages of our polymer plain bearings.

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