Is there buckling and unintentional movement of the corrugated hose systems on their handling devices? The igus e-rib provides a remedy.

Michael Hornung | 23. April 2020

Nowadays, the automation of the process chain for the manufacture of polymer parts is an essential part of economical production. Automation solutions for component handling, machine loading and simple pick & place tasks are state of the art. Depending on quality requirements, investment volume and required degree of automation, the entire process or parts of it can be automated. Always with the aim of optimising production processes and improving part quality. Many different manufacturers and solutions are available on the market.

Highly dynamic movement for short cycles

Pickers, linear robots or multi-axis robots are used in the injection moulding machine area. Here chains and cables are used in various axes. The applications are mostly characterised by highly dynamic movements in order to achieve the shortest possible cycles. The high-speed handling devices are optimised for maximum performance and speed. They ensure cycle times of less than 2.5 seconds.

Energy chains and cables are subject to high loads

With such dynamics, the energy chains and cables are also subject to high loads. In many handling devices, the cables are routed in self-supporting corrugated tubes for cost reasons, which are priced below energy chains.

The problem:

in the case of quick lateral movements, unwanted lateral deflections of the vertically standing corrugated hose occur. In the worst case, this causes the corrugated hose to break. This can be caused by either over-expansion or by being caught in parts of the machine. As a result, the cables laid in the hose are often damaged, which leads to robot failure.

The igus e-rib corrugated hose protection puts things right!

The e-rib is clipped on to the corrugated hose and stabilises it so that it can only move in one direction. The e-rib is quick and easy to install and can be easily retrofitted on existing systems. The e-rib is suitable for corrugated hoses of various makes and is not dependent on hose manufacturers. More information on e-rib can be obtained here.

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