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Plain Bearings

This is how you seal plain bearings reliably against the ingress of dirt

Lars Butenschön | 16. April 2020

Most plain bearing manufacturers – and igus® is no exception – advertise their bearings with the attribute “insensitive to dirt”. But what does that actually mean? And what do you do when you have exhausted the limits of this rather subjectively formulated concept? In equipment intended for really rough environments, such as mining, earthworks on […]


Lubrication-free synchronisation with plain bearing technology

Bastian Mehr | 16. April 2020

There are many different possibilities to synchronise several adjustments in one system. But which is the right one for me and my application? Often not easy to answer. But what if it should be simple and uncomplicated? What are the options? The market offers different solutions for different applications. The most commonly used system is […]


Ball bearing under water: xiros® polymer ball bearing vs. metal bearings

Patrick Czaja | 16. April 2020

igus has the world’s largest test laboratory for plastics in moving applications in Cologne, with around 12,000 tests per year. This includes tests that demand everything from the most diverse materials under the most adverse conditions. At the present test, a xiros fixed flange ball bearing competes against its metallic counterpart in a salt water […]


Maintenance of plain bearings … Is maintenance-free the same as dry operation?

Uwe Sund | 16. April 2020

Maintenance is a central point when operating machines. On the one hand, this ensures operational safety. On the other hand, maintenance is associated with expenditure. This expenditure is divided up as follows: The machine is at a standstill during maintenance. Depending on the machine, this is expensive. A construction machine cannot be rented. And problematic […]


What does predictive maintenance mean for plain bearings?

Lars Butenschön | 15. April 2020

I associate the topic of predictive maintenance with a reminder: just under two years ago, my wife gave me a great birthday present. A ride on a maize chopper. She had watched me playing the latest “agriculture simulator” weeks before and wanted to make me happy. (Did you know that the agriculture simulator is one […]