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How to connect igus® encoders with Beckhoff and B&R

Adriana Glazer | 7. April 2021

There are control systems whose encoder card is usually compatible with 24V and/or single-ended encoders. igus motors, however, work with 5V and as line drivers. A connection of these two voltages requires another component or a special encoder card.
Today we are looking at the connection of igus motors to control systems that work with 24V and/or single-ended encoders, such as the manufacturers Beckhoff and B&R*.

Encoders from igus

The encoders that we install at igus as standard work with a supply voltage of 5V. The line driver version has a differential signal transmission that is particularly insensitive to electromagnetic interference.

Diagram 1: Exemplary signal sequence RS422

The signals from the encoder are issued with a signal level of 5V. An encoder card with a signal level of 24V will recognise a 5V signal as a low signal or undefinable and not evaluate it.
Single-ended encoders lack the complementary signal, i.e. the A/B/and N/signal. Now, unfortunately, one cannot simply omit the complementary signal, as it represents the matching potential to A, B and I signal. A converter is needed here (cf. solution 2).

How we solve the problem

Depending on the control system, there are different approaches to solving the problem:

Solution 1 – Using an RS422 card

Most manufacturers offer a suitable encoder card which you can take into account when planning the PLC control.

Solution 2 – Signal conversion

If your PLC control already exists (and does not have an RS422 card/input), you can convert the line-driver protocol of our encoder into a single-ended encoder signal. We offer the matching converter with the part number DRI-CON-5. It is important here that the voltage supply of 5V +- 0.2V must nevertheless be provided from your side.

Solution 3 – igus dryve D1

You can also simply use our motor control system and connect it to your PLC via CANopen or Modbus TCP Gateway. You can find the matching sample programmes here:

Solution 4 – Use your own motor

If all these solutions do not suit you, you can of course, use your own motors. For our linear axes and rotary axes we can offer a suitable motor flange here. I have described exactly how to do this here:

*Beckhoff and B&R are registered trademarks of Beckhoff GmbH & Co. KG and B&R GmbH.


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