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Electric motors

Ball bearings for electric motors – plastic versions feasible?

Patrick Czaja | 6. September 2022

Hardly any industry can do without electric motors in the entire value-added process and the demands placed on products are constantly increasing. Similarly, the requirements for the various components of the drives are also increasing in order to ensure smooth production processes, including for the bearing of components, namely ball bearings for electric motors. But […]


What types of electric motors are there?

Ludmilla Dekker | 27. October 2021

For linear axes and handling systems, igus® offers an extensive range of electric motors. Hybrid stepper motors, DC motors and brushless DC motors find their applications in lead screw drives, toothed belts and rack drives. The electric motors complete the range of igus® automation technology. In this way, entire handling systems can be configured in […]


Save time and costs when commissioning motor controls

Ludmilla Dekker | 26. February 2021

How? igus® offers free sample programmes for motor controls. This ensures faster commissioning of the motor control in its machine environment. No more tedious, hours-long software programming. All sample programmes are ready-to-use, fully functional and quickly integrated. The sample programmes are compatible with: Test the free sample programmes from igus® now and quickly build up […]