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Ball bearings in the household: the invisible facilitators

igu-blog-adm | 19. January 2021

Ball bearings are our daily bread. As abstruse as this may sound at first, this sentence says how important ball bearings are in our world. Because wherever parts turn, move or rotate, ball bearings, usually also referred to as roller bearings, are used. Without them, the world would literally stand still. Ball bearings are commonplace at home. Even when looking at a washing machine or coffee maker, a mop bucket with spin function or the rotating floor brush on a vacuum cleaner, it is clear that everything is turning and moving.
Let’s take a look at the example of the mop bucket with a spinning function. Using a rotation mechanism in the spinning sieve of the cleaning bucket, the user pushes the cleaning mop in and spins out dirt and water. The rotating mechanism can also be stopped again at will via the cleaning mop. This turning can only be done with proper bearing components.

Ball bearings in the household: with igus, home appliances are ideally equipped

xiros ball bearings made of polymer prevail here against conventional ball bearings made of metal. The use of soap, dishwashing detergents or cleaning agents will wash out the lubricant in the long run, causing the ball bearings to run dry. The consequence would be a failure of the rotary mechanism. Our ball bearings can also be used underwater without hesitation, due to the fact that they are one hundred per cent lubrication-free and ensure easy and trouble-free operationdue to their wear-resistant ball bearing material. After all, they are low-maintenance and insensitive to dirt.

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