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Calculating surface speed at bearing points

Lars Butenschön | 24. June 2021

To correctly design plain bearings, you primarily need two fundamental parameters: the sliding speed (v in metres per second) and the load to be carried (p in N/mm²). Together, they give you the pv value, which is an important quantity in the selection of plain bearings. Calculating the load or surface pressure is relatively simple, […]


Ball bearings in the household: the invisible facilitators

igu-blog-adm | 19. January 2021

Ball bearings are our daily bread. As abstruse as this may sound at first, this sentence says how important ball bearings are in our world. Because wherever parts turn, move or rotate, ball bearings, usually also referred to as roller bearings, are used. Without them, the world would literally stand still. Ball bearings are commonplace […]


Compact cable guidance for slewing gear on indoor / EOT cranes

Jens Göbel | 28. July 2020

Energy chain systems offer a space-saving alternative for the cable routing on the slewing gear. The chain is guided lying on its side with the help of a round guide trough. In this way, angles of rotation of up to 540 ° and speeds of rotation of up to 360 °/s can be achieved.


Rotation in a machine tool

Lars Butenschön | 20. May 2020

Lathes, spindles and machine tools nearly always involve some form of rotation. The guidance of electric cables and hydraulic and pneumatic hoses is usually a difficult challenge. Even though an individual solution is needed for each machine, a variation of the following six possibilities is usually involved: 1. Coiling of an e-chain 2. Coiling of […]


Compact cable guide for slewing gear on indoor cranes

Jens Göbel | 31. March 2020

Energy chain systems offer a space-saving alternative for cable guidance on the slewing gear. By means of a round guide trough, the chain is guided, mounted on its side. In this way, rotation angles of up to 540° and rotation speeds of up to 360°/s can be achieved.