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Ball bearings in pumps: prevent machine failures with polymer

Patrick Czaja | 4. February 2021

Pumps and compressors are used in a wide variety of industries. Whether, for example, hose pumps in medical and food technology or water pumps in pool technology: just like the heart for humans, these types of pumps in industry are also to be regarded as the heart of the systems. Machine breakdowns have a major impact on the wallet and cause high costs as well as losses in terms of productivity. The demands on bearing components, especially on ball bearings in pumps, are very high.

In addition to the desire for a longer service life, pump manufacturers are interested in reducing the technical dimensions of the systems. In economics, this process is called “healthy shrinkage” or downsizing. Radial, axial and a combination of both loads are also requirements that the ball bearings have to fulfil. Furthermore, they should function without problems not only at low speeds but also at high speeds. And this is where igus steps in with its xiros polymer ball bearings. They are not only durable, low-maintenance and free of lubricants, but also easy to install and assemble, making them perfect for tight installation spaces. Moreover, nothing now stands in the way of downsizing the application.

Examples of ball bearings in pumps
Hose pumps

As dialysis pumps in medical diagnostics or pumps that transport various liquids via jams or oils in the food industry, hose pumps are indispensable in these industries. This makes the bearing components all the more important. Ball bearings must only be used under strict hygiene conditions. xiros polymer ball bearings are ideal for these and many other industries due to their 100% lubrication-free and FDA conformity.

Water pumps

Pool or water pumps are the heart of any pool. They are needed to circulate the water, which is then filtered by a filter vessel. The ball bearings come into contact with chemicals in the form of chlorine and are always in contact with water. Ball bearings made of metal quickly reach their limits here. xiros ball bearings, on the other hand, are particularly suitable because they are insensitive to corrosion and bring with them chemical resistance.

Polymer ball bearing sample box from igus

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