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Ball bearings in manual sweepers: plastic defies dirt

Patrick Czaja | 2. February 2021

Manual sweepers are used both at home and in the industrial sector. Sweeping dirt and leaves on pavements or driveways with a leaf/sweeping broom is tedious, sweeping machines are a far better choice. In this case, the leaves and dirt are transported by brushes and a broom into a container, which can then be easily disposed of. Wheels and brushes depend on reliable bearing components. Thus, among other things, ball bearings are indispensable in manual sweepers.

The manual sweepers are pushed by means of a push bar. By pushing, the wheels run along and the rotation mechanism of the brushes starts. The requirements are high because the ball bearings always have to withstand the most adverse environmental influences. xiros polymer ball bearings from igus are not only low-maintenance but also corrosion-free, due to their absolute lubrication-freequality. In addition, they are insensitive to dirt and function perfectly under the difficult application environment.

You can find out more about the various uses of xiros polymer ball bearings here.

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