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Simply hide cables: these cable chains make it possible

jhang | 14. April 2022

We all struggle with tangled cables under the desk or lying freely in the room. They are unsightly and collect dust, and you may trip over them. So it is very important to hide and organise cables well. Flexible igus cable chains ensure order in the office and at home. 1. Cable chain OCR With […]


Four closed energy chains for dirt and chip protection that are guaranteed to work

jhang | 7. February 2022

In harsh environments, cables need to be protected from dust, chips, dirt and other external influences. The best protection is offered by the closed energy chains from igusĀ® – also known as energy tubes or e-tubes. What are closed energy chains? Compared to open energy chains (picture 1), closed energy chains (diagram 2) are completely […]


The 6 best energy chain systems for virtually all applications

jhang | 20. January 2022

Are you looking for a suitable energy chain for your application, but having a hard time finding the right product? Then you are exactly at the right place! In this article, we have compiled for you the 6 best energy chain systems with which you can successfully implement 90% of all applications. We evaluated them […]


What energy chains are there? Arrangement and tips

jhang | 16. July 2021

The various arrangements and installation variants for an energy chain are as follows: unsupported, gliding, hanging, standing, and rotating. This article focuses mainly on the unsupported, gliding and hanging arrangements. It will give you an overview of the various energy chain arrangements and tell you what to look for during design to ensure a long […]


Energy chains in hydroelectric power stations: why energy chains are the right choice in hydroelectric power plants

jhang | 10. February 2021

In hydroelectric power plants, systems such as cable trolleys, motor cable drums and busbars are used for the supply of electrical energy. But they are often susceptible to problems and need a lot of maintenance. We have therefore developed a basic flizz system, which works reliably and without problems in continuous operation. Continuous use whatever the weather With the help […]