electrical gripper for robolink

Martin Raak | 13. June 2013

on last Hannover show, we have presented our new electrical gripper for robolink arms. It is availaable from stock now! A preliminous data sheet is in preparation, here are some main charasteristics: 24VDC, 3,6W, 180gr, total length 220 mm, plug&play (connection M8x1, 3 pole). List price 374,00 €/pc. Attached a Video of this gripper. The […]


robolink at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA)

Martin Raak | 21. May 2013

Ty Trembley at WPI works on a research project with our 5 DOF arm, driven by MAXON motors, MAXON control units and using a ROS control package. Please find it’s documentation here: http://robot.wpi.edu/wiki/index.php/Robolink Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


more facts about the HOBBIT Service Robotics project (TU Vienna)

Martin Raak | 16. May 2013

in addition to the video I shared some weeks ago, here you can find more details and facts about the HOBBIT project at TU Vienna (Prof. Markus Vince): http://hobbit.acin.tuwien.ac.at/teams.html   Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


ICRA conference in Karlsruhe

Martin Raak | 14. May 2013

from 06.05. – 10.05. we had a small boooth at the ICRA conference in Karlsruhe (GER). More than 1.900 roboticists met there and discussed about new and future trends. Here are some impressions from this very international event and from our 6m² booth: Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!


igus puppet show on HMI 2013 (with robolink drylin E and pikchain)

Martin Raak | 23. April 2013

the fully automated igus puppet show: 1 pikchain (in front), 6 drylin E slidingtables, 2 robolink 3DOF arms (the salesmen) and 1 camera arm (made by Tobias Abstreiter with 2 robolink joints underneath the camera): https://youtu.be/x5u1QpGl6WY Vote Up +0 Vote Down -0You already voted!