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The revolution in energy chains for machine tools reduces assembly time by 40%

Lukas Czaja | 25. March 2020

The great demand means that machine tools are often mass-produced. It is especially important that each machine – whether it is a milling, turning, grinding or drilling machine – is identical with respect to quality and precision. Assembly must be correspondingly clear and simple.

Quick assembly. More machines built

Reliably guiding electrical cables and media hoses plays a central role, and not only in machine tool construction. That is why energy supply is considered the umbilical cord of mechanical engineering. Errors made here can quickly become expensive. Each assembly step must be made easy for the fitter. Ideally, assembly will be quick as well. That increases productivity. More machines can be built in the same period.  

E4Q reduces installation time by 40%

To make assembly easier, igus has developed a true energy revolution based on the E4.1 series. E4Q allows extremely easy, completely tool-free assembly. This saves more than 40% of your assembly time.

E4Q also offers the following:

  • 100% higher pull-out strength: positive-locking crossbar
  • 10% less weight: material recesses for optimised weight and stability
  • 20% more fill weight: vertically and horizontally positioned stop-dogs for optimum strength for each installation type
  • 17dB(A) quieter: optional noise dampening can be retrofitted as an accessory component at any time
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