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Optimised solution for vertical energy supply

Christian Strauch | 24. March 2020

Guidelite ECO: Part 1

For vertical energy supply in intralogistics such as storage and retrieval units, lifters and other lifts, the energy chain is still preferred to the busbar system. The travel or stroke lengths are generally less than 50 metres – usually much less. The question is this: which costs less? Busbar system or energy chain? This is not easy to answer.

Of course the busbar system per se costs less than a harnessed energy chain with a guide trough. But if the costs of optical data transfer inherent in a busbar system are included, the comparison to an energy chain changes – the latter requires only a bus cable.

So why do some design engineers choose busbar systems?

It usually has to do with a lack of space on the mast of the lifter or mini-load. A busbar system is much slimmer than a standard energy chain with guide trough.

And that is just why igus has optimised the setup with the new Guidelite ECO!

Guidelite ECO requires a minimum of space: 100mm x 130mm is sufficient to securely guide an energy chain with five individual cores of 6mm² each and a bus cable. That is why igus developed the new all-plastic trough.

Other highlights:

  • The price: for €38/metre, a ready-to-install system is delivered.
  • The brackets for the all-plastic trough are designed so that they need only be hooked into the prepared mast, greatly reducing installation time.
  • Three-year guarantee for chains and cables

More information can be found at: https://www.igus.eu/info/n20-guidelite-eco

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