What is the difference between a control cable and a motor cable?

Andreas Muckes | 22. April 2020

There are different types of cables which are manufactured for very different applications. In one of our last articles we took a closer look at the servo cable and the motor cable. Today we clarify the question: what is the difference between a control cable and a motor cable? What is the difference between a […]


20 cobots configurable online

Marius Glaue | 22. April 2020

Finally, the online and freely available robot configurator from igus also receives the Rubik cobots. At the start of the expansion of the online tool, 4 robot manufacturers will already be available for selection. Besides Universal Robots, there are also suppliers such as Techman Robot, Kuka with its LBR iiwa and Yaskawa with the HC10 […]


e-spool – the alternative to the cable drum on an indoor crane

Jens Göbel | 21. April 2020

The e-spool is a chain-based drum application without sliding contacts. Ideal for applications and load-carrying equipment constructions that have no room for a collection basket (lift strap). The cables guided in the chain are not exposed to tensile strain, which has a positive effect on the service life of the cables.


How igus products increase the service life of your extrusion line and avoid production downtime

Christian Schäfer | 21. April 2020

In the water bath the extrudate is guided by rollers and kept at a distance. The rollers run with pressed-in stainless steel ball bearings without seals. These run completely under water. Despite the stainless steel design, these had to be replaced at regular intervals due to corrosion. igus polymer ball bearings provide a remedy.


The moving lower run

Lars Butenschön | 21. April 2020

Installation situation e-chain with moving lower run Sometimes the installation situation requires turning the orientation of the e-chain and turning it upside down, so to speak. The fixed end is mounted “up” and the moving end is “down”. This is a very special installation situation and places other demands on the design of the energy […]