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Zig-Zag on the EOT crane – the somewhat different cable routing for lifting applications

Jens Göbel | 13. August 2020

For many lifting applications, a compact and space-saving solution is extremely important. However, the more cables need to be guided together in one system and the longer the lifting height, the less the choice of possible solutions. When the already presented lift band or the e-spool reach their technical limits, there is often only the so-called zig-zag installation method left.

What does the term zig-zag actually mean for energy chain applications?

The term zig-zag describes a solution for energy chains, in which the chain is folded in layers over each other. By turning individual chain links along the entire energy chain, individual, rigid segments are created. When lowering the lifting device, the chain segments are gradually pulled out of a basket, specifically designed for such type of applications. Segment by segment, a straight, hanging energy chain is created. When moving the lifting device upwards again, the chain segments are stacked in the basket again, layer by layer.

Advantages of the zig-zag application:

In addition to the well-known advantages of an energy chain compared to other cable or power supply systems, the absorption of the tensile load or the defined bending radius have to be emphasized. Almost the entire energy chain product range can be used for zig-zag applications. Thus, a wide variety of chain widths and interior heights are available. The zig-zag application offers:

  • Greater lifting heights – up to 20m
  • High travel speeds
  • Energy chain selection for large & heavy cable packages
  • Low maintenance solutions

Application examples for zig-zag applications:

If we have caught your attention with our zig-zag application as a cable guidance solution, but would still like to see where and how it has been used in other installations, then have a look on our website.

Video – „Zig Zag“-application installed on an EOT crane

On our website you will find further examples and solutions for the cable guidance on EOT cranes, as well as the free softcopy of our EOT crane brochure.

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