Telescopic rods – completely made of polymer: NTP27 – when it should be light

Marco Thull | 17. April 2020

At igus, our goal is to either improve the technology or to be more cost-effective for every customer.

When we started to produce telescopic rods, it was immediately clear to us that we not only wanted to produce one telescopic rod out of many, but that the principle of “improve technology or reduce price” must also be true again.

Thanks to our proven sliding elements made of high-performance polymers, we have already achieved success with aluminium telescopic rods. Our products are lighter, often more robust and durable than the competitors’ products. By dispensing with rollers, all igus telescopic rails are also extremely quiet.

But we wanted more. We wanted to develop a telescopic rod that is even lighter, but not any worse.

After many years of development, the time was ripe this year. The igus iglidur polymer telescopic rail NTP-27 is ready. In the NTP-27 a spring preload prevents any rattling and a snap-hook mechanism makes it possible to assemble it by hand in seconds without tools. Transport is also simplified by the lightweight property.

Wherever emissions can be saved with every gram of weight, such as in aviation, the automotive industry or shipping, our iglidur polymer telescopic rod excels. Because it is robust against salt water, weather and dirt. And it offers high stability provided by our polymers.

Furthermore, our polymer is FDA-compliant. This means that NTP-27 can be used in food production, medical technology or in the interior decoration & furniture industry.

We are very proud to offer the iglidur polymer telescopic rod in three different colours and hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are.

We will gladly answer all questions by phone or e-mail.

More information about the igus iglidur polymer telescopic rods can be found on our website

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