ICRA conference in Karlsruhe

Martin Raak | 14. May 2013

from 06.05. – 10.05. we had a small boooth at the ICRA conference in Karlsruhe (GER). More than 1.900 roboticists met there and discussed about new and future trends. Here are some impressions from this very international event and from our 6m² booth: 0 0


igus puppet show on HMI 2013 (with robolink drylin E and pikchain)

Martin Raak | 23. April 2013

the fully automated igus puppet show: 1 pikchain (in front), 6 drylin E slidingtables, 2 robolink 3DOF arms (the salesmen) and 1 camera arm (made by Tobias Abstreiter with 2 robolink joints underneath the camera): 0 0


robolink “best of 2012” video

Martin Raak | 15. February 2013

some robolink impressions and applications from 2012: 0 0


Teach-in arm on ADAM torso and repeatability

Martin Raak | 28. January 2013

once again I want to link to Malte Ahlers homepage and 2 of his Videos from his robot project ADAM A1. Now he is really running the 5DOF arm and he is using the 2nd one as teach-in arm. The movement speed and reaction time between left and right arm really impress me! Video1 – teach in: […]


NEWMEN: our partner in France offers automation solutions with robolink® joint arms

Martin Raak | 11. January 2013

Mathieu Charles has founded a company NEWMEN in France. He offers complete automation solutions by using our robolink® components. Please find attached a link to his website , current pdf-flyers and a link to a youtube video with an example application. YOUTUBE: 0 0