Vending machinery

Hygiene regulations that vending machine operators must take into account

Marco Thull | 17. April 2020

Whoever produces or trades in food in the European area has to follow strict rules. The most important ones are summarised here for your guidance.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Andreas Muckes | 17. April 2020

All companies in the food industry are obliged to carry out their own checks according to HACCP. This includes operators of vending machines in which open foodstuffs are processed or traded.


Relevant regulations for vending machine manufacturers in the food sector

Jens Göbel | 17. April 2020

There are a number of standards for vending machine manufacturers in the food sector. Here is


Hygienic dispensing machines

Andrej Schmidt | 9. April 2020

Wherever there is food contact, cleaning must be frequent and intensive. It is the same in the food processing industry and it is also the same in the manufacture of vending machines. There are strict rules for this, resulting from the regulations of the European Parliament.


Reduce costs in vending machine construction with reliable components

Andrej Schmidt | 31. March 2020

A vending machine may only cost a little, but must meet a high quality standard. How can costs be reduced without worsening or even improving quality?