Relevant regulations for vending machine manufacturers in the food sector

Jens Göbel | 17. April 2020

In addition to the hygiene standards for the vending machine operator, there are a number of standards for the vending machine manufacturers. The most important ones for the European area are summarised here.

Directive (EC) 1935/2004

The European Directive 1935/2004 regulates materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. All parts of a machine that come into contact with the food must not cause any changes in the taste or smell of the food. No health risk for the consumer should arise from contact.

DIRECTIVE (EC) 10/2011

Directive (EU) 10/2011 supplements Directive (EC) 1935/2004, which is generally applicable to materials and articles in the food sector. It is considered the “Plastics Directive” and describes more precisely which plastic materials and articles can come into contact with food without posing a risk to human health.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Although this is an American approval authority, it is at least as important on the European market as the corresponding EU approval 1935/2004. As a supervisory authority, the FDA certifies materials that are intended for food contact. An appropriate certificate is required for all plant imports into the USA.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF)

National Sanitation Foundation is also an American organisation. It tests and certifies lubricants for their food compatibility. The NSF approval is divided into 3 areas:

  • NSF 3H: for lubricants that are in direct and continuous contact with food
  • NSF H1: for lubricants that may come into contact with the food sporadically or accidentally
  • NSF H2: for lubricants, outside production without direct food contact

The NSF approval is an important part of the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept (HACCP). Since 2006 the HACCP concept has been binding for all food processing and trading companies in the EU.

European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG)

The European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) was established as a foundation to support hygiene measures in all areas of the food industry. It offers the industry a wide range of instructions for the hygiene-compliant designing of machines and design of the production chain.

As a leading manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings, igus offers a variety of products that meet and certify these standards.


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