Industry 4.0 with smart plastics

Cable monitoring with smart plastics CF.Q

Richard Habering | 11. February 2021

What is smart plastics CF.Q? Cable monitoring, with the help of the isense CF.Q module, is used for the early detection of the change in electrical specifications of chainflex® cables due to the mechanical loads during operation in an igus® e-chain system®. How does CF.Q work? The i.Sense CF.Q cable monitoring system measures the electrical […]



Providing information for predictive maintenance with smart plastics i.Cee

Richard Habering | 3. February 2021

In today’s world, countless amounts of data is generated in a matter of seconds but the question is often asked, “What do we do with all that data?” The generation of data is one thing, but just as important is the provision of information or the form of information output. How does igus make the […]


Nachrüstung Zustandsüberwachung

Retrofitting a condition monitoring system on the energy supply system of an RMG crane

Richard Habering | 22. January 2021

Description of the application In this blog, or rather vlog, we have packed the main information into short videos alongside pictures and text. We hope that this will make the topic of smart plastics even more understandable. Konstantin Schmer takes you on a rail-mounted gantry crane. There we carried out the retrofitting of a condition […]


Measure the tensile force in the energy chain with the aid of cables | i. Sense CF.P

igu-blog-adm | 15. January 2021

What is i. Sense CF.P? The i. Sense CF.P system falls under the category of condition monitoring. The condition monitoring product range at igus goes by the name of i. Sense (derived from the English “I sense”). The area of condition monitoring forms part of the data foundation in the field of smart plastics. CF.P […]


Breakage detection in energy chains with smart plastics EC.B

Richard Habering | 6. January 2021

What is breakage detection (EC.B)? EC.B breakage detection in energy chains is a condition monitoring system. Installing this system allows extremely fast detection of breakage in any link in the e-chain®. This immediate detection of breakage in the energy chain can prevent expensive damage while increasing equipment reliability. Components of an EC.B system? The system […]