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What is the best plain bearing for agricultural machinery?

Uwe Sund | 2. May 2020

There must be an answer to this question. After all, there are a limited number of “best Italian restaurants”, “best frozen pizzas” and “best TV series”. And we haven’t even got to narrowing it down. The best Italian restaurant in Bonn? Or in the whole world? The question of the best plain bearing for farm machines is like that.


Shaft coating: nitride or galvanise?

Lars Butenschön | 30. April 2020

The number of plain bearing solutions is virtually infinite, and there are no fewer designs of suitable – and unsuitable – shaft materials. In fact, different shaft materials and their coatings can create completely different wear patterns for the same plain bearing. This blog entry will deal with two frequently used shaft coatings and consider […]


Plain bearings for sheet metal – how to avoid errors and damage

Lars Butenschön | 24. April 2020

Normally, plain bearings are intended for installation in relatively thick-walled designs. The plain bearing is pressed into a hole of recommended tolerance, where it remains. Press-fit can be difficult if the components have thin walls. But beyond fixing in place, there are other pitfalls which we will examine more closely here. Then I will give […]


Can polymers be used at the high temperatures associated with bakery technology?

Bastian Mehr | 24. April 2020

Things can get hot when we move into bakery technology. This is a special challenge for bearings. It takes special bearings and bearing materials to handle the high ambient temperatures. Bearings are often used in applications where temperatures exceed 200°C. There are a wide range of applications in ovens and their immediate vicinity in the […]


Severe contamination by salt or sugar … what must be observed?

Marco Thull | 17. April 2020

Wherever food or beverages are processed, filled or packed, contamination can occur. If it is salt or sugar, it is important to take a close look at the abrasive (rubbing/grinding) wear. In this way it can be determined what influence this has on the plain bearing or linear guide. In order to examine such contamination, […]