iglidur plain bearings

This is how you seal plain bearings reliably against the ingress of dirt

Lars Butenschön | 16. April 2020

Most plain bearing manufacturers – and igus® is no exception – advertise their bearings with the attribute “insensitive to dirt”. But what does that actually mean? And what do you do when you have exhausted the limits of this rather subjectively formulated concept? In equipment intended for really rough environments, such as mining, earthworks on […]


New material iglidur® K250 in automotive applications

Julio Pauli | 9. April 2020

Wear results of our new material iglidur® K250, which is characterised by a high flexibility and moisture absorption, are presented below. Compared to the igus classic iglidur® M250, the tribological properties could also be improved.


Cost-effective plain bearings in electric coolant pumps and regulators

Sebastian Bloechl | 9. April 2020

The demand for electric water pumps is huge. In addition to the cooling of motors and drives, air conditioning is also one of its tasks. The advantages of electric coolant pumps compared to conventional mechanical water pumps are their independence from the combustion engine. In this way, the electric pumps can be switched on and […]


Coolant and plain bearings – five decisive points

Sebastian Bloechl | 7. April 2020

Maximum vehicle efficiency requires harmonised thermal management. Optimum operating temperature ensures maximum efficiency and thus the lowest consumption and associated emissions. Coolant plays an important role – it cools, provides corrosion protection and prevents frost. Coolant pumps, regulators and valves distribute coolant throughout the vehicle, sending it where it is needed. Find out more here._x000D_ […]


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The right lubrication for plastic plain bearings

Lars Butenschön | 7. April 2020

Despite all the greatly varying plain bearing application profiles – from engine block bearing to mountain bike pedals – there is one thing in common: the best lubrication is lubrication that need not be applied. It is often problematic to get grease and oil where they are needed and keep them there. Ensuring that the […]