Guide rollers

Ball bearings in material handling: why igus® ball bearings are the ones to beat

Patrick Czaja | 5. January 2021

There are two decisive arguments for efficient material handling: freedom from lubrication and freedom from maintenance. Ball bearing reliability and load capacity in material handling are also necessary to ensure smooth running.


xiros guide rollers for labelling technology: quiet, safe & effortless guidance

Patrick Czaja | 20. August 2020

The xiros guide rollers have been in the igus range for a while. They modestly, discreetly and quietly improve various applications in the background. Our rollers are constantly being further developed and improved to ensure that their flexibility is suitable for numerous applications and industries. Our black anodised guide roller for visible parts expands the […]


Can polymers be used at the high temperatures associated with bakery technology?

Bastian Mehr | 24. April 2020

Things can get hot when we move into bakery technology. This is a special challenge for bearings. It takes special bearings and bearing materials to handle the high ambient temperatures. Bearings are often used in applications where temperatures exceed 200°C. There are a wide range of applications in ovens and their immediate vicinity in the […]