xiros guide rollers for labelling technology: quiet, safe & effortless guidance

Patrick Czaja | 20. August 2020

The xiros guide rollers have been in the igus range for a while. They modestly, discreetly and quietly improve various applications in the background. Our rollers are constantly being further developed and improved to ensure that their flexibility is suitable for numerous applications and industries. Our black anodised guide roller for visible parts expands the range and is equipped with maintenance-free, smooth-running xiros fixed flange ball bearings made of the high-performance polymer xirodur S180. In the past, the rollers were made of colourless anodised aluminium, so the introduction of the new black guide roller helps users in the packaging and labelling sector and in the printing industry to reduce light reflections, amongst other things.

xiros guide roller made of black anodised aluminium _x000D_

The ready-to-install system is not only visually appealing in black, but is also technically impressive. This makes the rollers ideal for guiding films or in labelling applications and offers significant advantages over steel rollers.


Advantages of xiros guide rollers compared to conventional solutions

  • No external lubrication necessary
  • Maintenance-free
  • Quiet
  • Lightweight
  • Low friction/inertia
  • Electrically conductive xirodur F180 material can reduce static electricity

xiros polymer ball bearings are known to be free of external lubricants, maintenance-free and hygienic. They also have a low break-away torque. It is thanks to these particular specifications that they are in great demand and used in areas of packaging and food technology. Although other industries also use these rollers, such as handling technology at airports, most of the guide roller sales are generated with rollers for labelling machines and the paper industry. These rollers are supplied by igus as completely assembled systems with a tube made of aluminium, carbon or PVC and the two built-in fixed flange ball bearings.

There is a wide variety of ball bearing combinations to suit your application; the raceway, ball and cage materials can be changed according to the application parameters. By using wear-resistant high-performance polymers and thin-walled tubes, the rollers enable weight savings of up to 48% compared to metallic solutions. Their mass inertia is 42% lower, which means that the energy required for acceleration is considerably lower without affecting the conveying speed of the rollers.


Tech up and Cost down with xiros polymer ball bearings from igus.

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