Ball bearings in material handling: why igus® ball bearings are the ones to beat

Patrick Czaja | 5. January 2021

There are two decisive arguments for efficient material handling: freedom from lubrication and freedom from maintenance. Ball bearing reliability and load capacity in material handling are also necessary to ensure smooth running.

Our polymer ball bearings perfectly meet the specific requirements and the broad spectrum of users. In addition to requiring little installation space, the polymer ball bearings have a very smooth run and are lightweight. In material handling, ball bearings are usually used as rollers. Their advantage is in their individual adaptation to the roller support system in question. This allows transport weights of up to five kilogrammes per extender crossbar and speeds of up to 1,000 rpm. Laundries are one example of businesses that can benefit from igus polymer ball bearings freedom from lubrication and resistance to dirt.

Ball bearings in conveyor technology: rollers in a laundry

Roller conveyor technology can use lightweight, anodised aluminium pipes with fixed flange ball bearings. Combined with ball bearings, they form a complete system that is lubrication-free and ready to install and can be delivered from stock in lengths between 25 and 1,500mm. We can also produce customised guide roller systems – our experienced customer consultant tailors the system to the application parameters of the customer in question. Equipping or retrofitting transport systems with lubrication-free polymer ball bearings instead of conventional metal ball bearings is no longer just a cost-effective option.

Polymer ball bearing sample box from igus

Improve technology and reduce costs now with our polymer ball bearing sample box.

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