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Food industry

Energy supply systems in a hygienic ambience

Bastian Mehr | 31. March 2020

We often ask ourselves how we constructively implement the required energy supply systems in our plant. We often reach our limits and weigh up what is really necessary. In many places we get along completely without a guide. In some, however, it cannot be avoided. How often do we rack our brains and struggle to […]


Polymer bearings for the dairy industry

Jan Michels | 31. March 2020

A wide variety of dairy technology is available for processing milk and other dairy products: from filling machines and valves to secondary packaging machines for yoghurt (cups), cheese, butter, cream, milk bags or coffee cream. Plain bearings made of FDA/EU-compliant materials such as iglidur A160, A181 or A350 are interesting for the dairy industry. But […]


The right plain bearings for cleaning at high temperatures

Jan Michels | 27. March 2020

Many different machines are used in the packaging, food, and beverage industries. There is one thing that most of the different machine types have in common though: they are regularly and intensively cleaned. And they are cleaned at temperatures often above 100°C. igus offers several polymer plain bearings that have no problem at these high […]


iglidur with “China FDA” – New certificate for the food industry

Jan Michels | 24. October 2019

In the packaging, food and beverage industries, sensitive solutions are usually required. Special requirements must therefore be met. This applies in particular to direct contact with food and beverages. This is why we offer you solutions tuned to the specific needs of packaging machines with our maintenance-free and lubrication-free machine elements made of high-performance polymers. […]