Polymer bearings for the dairy industry

Jan Michels | 31. March 2020

A wide variety of dairy technology is available for processing milk and other dairy products: from filling machines and valves to secondary packaging machines for yoghurt (cups), cheese, butter, cream, milk bags or coffee cream.

Plain bearings made of FDA/EU-compliant materials such as iglidur A160, A181 or A350 are interesting for the dairy industry. But beyond that, the “3A Sanitary Standard” is often asked for.

What’s it all about? The 3A Sanitary Standards, Inc. is an American organisation that draws up guidelines and standards for plant and equipment for the production, processing and packaging of dairy products. These standards are intended to ensure product quality and protect the health of the end consumer.

In addition to FDA and EU conformity, iglidur A500 also meets the “3A Sanitary Standards” and can therefore also be used in areas of dairy technology where this is important.

More information can be found in this document:

If, in addition to the “3A Sanitary Standard”, the plain bearing should also be resistant to cleaning at high temperatures, further information can be found here:

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