Energy chain

Laying cables correctly for pivoting movements

mkogelmann | 26. March 2020

For pivoting and rotary movements of up to 270┬░, it is important that cables and hoses are laid in the energy chain’s neutral phase. Why is this so important? Pivoting and rotary movements usually involve winding up the e-chain or guiding it into an S shape. For normal installation positions (horizontal, standing, or suspended), the […]


Energy chain holding forces

pwirth | 20. March 2020

The requirements of industrial applications are constantly increasing, and therefore the requirements for energy chain filling are too. The E4.80 series e-chains are usually used as soon as a substantial fill weight requirement arises.


Busbar system or energy chain?

Marco Thull | 18. March 2020

The performance of a crane is directly dependent on its electrification system. With various power supply options available and a range of application requirements to take into consideration, making a choice of which type of system to implement can be difficult. It is crucial to consider the advantages and disadvantages of prospective energy supply systems, […]


Energy chains or motorised cable drum?

Marco Thull | 17. March 2020

Energy chain or motorised cable drum: which energy supply system comes out ahead? Probably there is no blanket answer here because, in the industrial world, no two applications have exactly the same conditions. When do we consider a cable drum and when a motorised cable drum? Motor and spring cable drums have been developed for […]


Guarantee on energy chains and cables

Marco Thull | 19. February 2020

Calculate guaranteed service life online igus has been offering a guarantee on cables from the chainflex product range since 2015. By doing so, igus was and is still the only supplier of highly flexible cables for movement, who offers a guarantee. Various customers have already made use of this service and increased the security of […]