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Energy chain

Plastic energy chains ward off 850°C hot swarf in machine tools

Lukas Czaja | 14. April 2020

Machine tools have become an integral part of the industry. Thanks to them, metallic workpieces are produced with the highest precision, which are used, for example, in the automotive industry or in the aerospace industry. In all machine tools the desired contour is achieved by the interaction of tool and workpiece. Depending on the technology, […]


Selecting the correct mounting bracket

mkogelmann | 7. April 2020

Almost all mounting brackets are available in two variants. The first pivots, the second is fixed. At this point, many design engineers wonder when they should use the pivoting and when the fixed version. Pivoting mounting brackets are standard for gliding or horizontally unsupported applications But why is that? The pivoting mounting bracket compensates for […]


ESD energy chains for the ATEX/explosion risk area

Christian Ziegler | 1. April 2020

What does ATEX actually mean? And what is its significance for the selection of my energy chains for the explosion risk area? This is where we give answers to the most important questions. ATEX guidelines ATEX stands for the French ATmosphères EXplosibles and is used as a synonym for the EU directives governing explosion risk in […]


What does “heavy duty” mean in the context of e-chains?

Tim Schneebeck | 1. April 2020

If you enter “heavy duty” into a search machine, you will find lots of explanations of the term. But an exact definition is difficult to find. Of course, this is primarily because it is an English term. Explanations can be found in the descriptions of equipment and machines. “Heavy duty” means “able to withstand unusual […]


Standing installation of energy chains in machine tools

mkogelmann | 31. March 2020

Whether in handling systems or in machine tools, with vertical movements the energy supply systems must often be planned “standing”. Actually not a great challenge, but there are still some aspects that have to be considered and taken into account during planning and design. Pivoting or locking mounting brackets? If I can support the e-chain […]