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Special solution for money counting machines: ball bearings made of plastic from igus®

Patrick Czaja | 17. September 2021

Whether mobile or stationary in the bank branch on site: money counting machines make the handling of cash much more comfortable and secure and are an indispensable aid. For personal and business use, they are useful when handling large amounts of cash on a daily basis, such as in retail, hospitality, or banking.

How do money counting machines work?

Probably the most widespread variant is the money counting machine with an embedded funnel. The coins go in there and the machine records the number of coins and displays the value. There are also banknote-counting machines, which only record the value of notes. In addition, there are combined money counting machines, such as those in bank branches, which count both banknotes and coins at the same time. In daily operation, the components installed in the machine are vitally important. These must not only be durable, but also low-maintenance . Now what does xiros plastic ball bearings have to do with this? We will tell you.

A customer specialising in industrial money counting machines approached us four years ago with a request for the replacement of metal ball bearings. The problem was the sluggish running during continuous operation, the high costs and the long delivery time. This put xiros in the spotlight and we were awarded the contract. However, as the machines are now working longer than originally, the customer asked for a design change so that the service life is also increased. The customer was provided with samples for testing. It turned out that the service life was ten times longer than before due to the special design.

Even applications that have already been successful with xiros plastic ball bearings can always be improved. Now improve your technology while reducing costs.

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