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Plastic ball transfer units provide the necessary order in the van

Patrick Czaja | 21. October 2021

The cargo area of a van or a commercial vehicle in general offers a lot of space. Craftsmen in particular need enormous storage space for the equipment, which is essential for the trips undertaken for the jobs. Therefore, organisation and efficient use of storage space is essential. In Japanese, the so-called 5S method is already widely used. Sorting, systematising, cleaning, standardising and self-discipline.

These 5 virtues provide the best possible workplace organisation and result in a measurable increase in productivity. In simple terms, maximum overview in the commercial vehicle with the simplest handling. The systems that enable such organisation rely on durable, smooth and maintenance-free components for daily use. Why do xiros plastic ball transfer units ensure optimum use of space in the vehicle? We will tell you.

For ideal workstation organisation in the smallest of spaces, shelves, drawers, long goods trays and side profiles are required. In order to reach these systems not only from the inside but also from the driver’s side in the simplest way, our plastic ball transfer units are used in a rotary rack. Due to the easy rolling of our ball transfer units, the whole rack system can be rotated outwards without much effort in order to easily reach the required equipment from the outside of the vehicle.

This special type of ball transfer unit has an optimised housing interior, enabling three to five times the load capacity of previous versions. The abrasion is lower and therefore the service life is higher and it is also 100% free of lubricating greases. Do you want to know more about our ball transfer units? Click here.

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