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Plastic ball bearings provide visibility at night

Patrick Czaja | 11. January 2022

Night vision devices are mostly associated with types of binoculars that enable as well as enhance visual perception in the dark. They are used by the military or police, security services, but especially by hunters or naturalists. It doesn’t always have to be the familiar binocular shape.

Developers always adapt to the different environments so that observations can also be made easily from inside the vehicle, for example. The developers’ focus is on a compact and function-oriented design. The night vision devices can be placed in the vehicle via stable suction feet and tripods in such a way that practical and jerk-free detection of wildlife is possible.

In addition, the user no longer has to rely on a tedious manual response. In addition to 360-degree rotation, a sensor control also enables high degrees of tilt, so that every movement in the own location radius is perceived. But there are other areas of application, such as watercraft. Thus, among other things, boaters and captains of yachts benefit – even under the most adverse environmental influences. The design allows its user to place the thermal imaging or night vision device exactly where the view of possible sources of danger must be the greatest. Debris, rocks, ships and other hazards therefore no longer pose safety risks at night.

But what does igus have to do with night vision devices? Our plastic ball bearings prevail over its metal counterpart due to the following advantages and improve the technology of night vision devices:

  • Very light
  • Smooth operation
  • 100% free from grease
  • Seawater-resistant

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