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Where are ball bearings used? And what kinds of ball bearings are there?

Patrick Czaja | 2. April 2020

industry, the automotive industry and in machine tool spindles.

Self-aligning ball bearings in accordance with DIN 630:

This ball bearing type is generally used in applications with long shafts. This…


Maintenance requirements recognised in advance with intelligent linear guides

Richard Habering | 15. April 2021

…robots and linear systems around the clock. From packaging machines and the glass processing industry up to machine tools. In order to detect early wear of the sliding lubrication-free bearings…


About lane adjustment and where it is used

Adriana Glazer | 27. October 2020

…Various automation applications with the drygear Apiro modular gearbox system. Individual automation solutions – especially in the packaging industry

The multi-lane adjustment systems are suitable for a wide range


Energy supply systems in a hygienic ambience

Bastian Mehr | 31. March 2020

…working life often does not provide the scope for this.

Do I have to make compromises?

If I then also work in the food, packaging or beverage…


Circular economy and product design

Ina Hartmann | 13. July 2021

…generated in the first place

The rule is to avoid waste, especially for consumer goods and packaging. This includes plastic fruit bags, outer food packaging, and items such as