About lane adjustment and where it is used

Adriana Glazer | 27. October 2020

There are large and small packages, narrow and wide bottles, round or square products and in order to pack or guide all these products quickly, there are so-called lane adjustments also called multi-lane adjustment systems.

Where is lane adjustment used?

Lane adjustment from igus enables the adjustment of several conveyor belt tracks without replacing heavy track spacers or lifting devices. As a result, valuable workspace is freed up and precious time is saved.

Lane adjustment for conveyor belts

Modular gearbox system for flexible automation

We use the drygear Apiro gearbox modular system for this purpose and can therefore build up a wide variety of kinematics in a modular and flexible way. The Apiro modular system offers different gear ratios but also length variants, so that there are endless possibilities for combinations and applications. In addition to lane adjustments, cam adjustments, pusher applications, rotary tables or even Cartesian robots can be set up.

Automation solutions with drygear modular gearbox system
Various automation applications with the drygear Apiro modular gearbox system.

Individual automation solutions – especially in the packaging industry

The multi-lane adjustment systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, including the packaging industry. The adjustments are repeatable and can be implemented with precise tolerances. Thus, container handling can be improved from start to finish. With our igus solution, we can set up to 5 lanes simultaneously. The solution can be driven by motor or manually.  

What other advantages does the drygear Apiro lane adjustment system offer?

  • More cost-effective price > Fast return on investment
  • Maintenance-free and lubrication-free thanks to tribologically optimised material compounds and aluminium profiles
  • Improved accuracy and repeatability
  • Ergonomics and safety are improved as no lifting device is required
  • More storage space, as no spacers and overlays are required
  • Suitable for splash water applications

You can find further information about our product here.

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