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Roller energy chain as alternative to cable garland/cable trolley system

Theo Diehl | 1. April 2020

RTG with igus energy chain

The advantages of the roller chain over conventional cable garland/cable trolley systems are obvious. Let’s take a closer look at the design features of


Goodbye to space problems: how to guide cables in limited installation spaces

Marco Thull | 1. September 2020

Guide cables and hoses safely in limited installation space without rapid fatigue fractures that lead to expensive downtime: an ultimate discipline! The possibilities offered by compact energy chains and


How can I guide fibre optic cables (FOC) and Ethernet cables on the crane?

Marco Thull | 5. July 2019

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Which e-chains are most commonly used in crane technology?

Marco Thull | 4. July 2019

…Compared to festooning and the busbar system, the e-chains are more energy-efficient, wear-resistant and low-maintenance.

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Indoor crane main power and data supply, proven and alternative systems

Theo Diehl | 9. April 2020

In the case of indoor cranes, the main power supply is usually provided via busbar systems and data transmission via wireless data systems. A drum solution (motor-driven or spring