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Make your e-chain ready to plug and play

dklein | 19. May 2021

The igus plug-in e-chain® range is a unique, complete assembly for your individual task. If an e-chain is to be able to plug and play, many individual parts must be purchased, assembled, tested and documented. You generally have to contact a wide variety of suppliers and require special tools for the work to be completed. That means that these tasks not only are time-consuming and labour-intensive, but can also be performed only by qualified specialists. The readychain® as an assembly means a single part number, a single delivery date, a single incoming goods process and a single invoice! Based on this capability, the plug-in e-chain range offers an optimised interface: one connector and absolute plug-in safety.

Making e-chains ready to plug and play with the plug-in e-chain® product range.
Plug-in e-chain® product range overview

Procuring an assembly manufactured by igus, called a readychain®, is an excellent way to optimise processes. That is why many many well-know customers and global players have been doing it for years. igus has made great progress in the past few years by continuously refining its plug and play energy chain solutions. Such units can quickly reduce assembly time by 80%.

One of 30 experienced project managers will help you define and design your interface to suit your requirements. You define the functional scope and the equipment for your ready-to-install components, then select the plug-in e-chain® that goes with it.

Product range overview

In addition to the proven readychain® speed and the current model with Module Connect, the readychain® micro-speed, a plug and play solution, is available starting immediately.

A plug-in e-chain® is guaranteed to be an easier plug and play option for individual customer applications than a conventional harnessed energy chain. The cable’s strain relief and the sealing on the connector or interface input is already integrated. Painstaking, time-consuming steps for sorting according to labelling and plugging in individual connectors can be eliminated. A plug-in e-chain® is absolutely plug-in safe, since there is only one way to plug it in. The entire interface is placed optimally in a single area and, when servicing is required, this noticeably saves assembly time, since all that needs to be done is unplugging the old chain and plugging in the new chain.

Discover other innovations for the readychain product area or visit our new Module Connect Shop.

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