Linear movement combined with a pivoting movement

Ingo Urbach | 19. May 2020

Rotating and linear sliding are now possible at the same time with the drylin® W linear/rotary guide igus presented the innovation for the first time during the igus digital trade show 2020 as a study. The new product consists of a PRT-04 slewing ring bearing on a drylin W rail with a wide support of 120mm.

drylin® W linear/rotary guide

Reduce costs, improve technical performance

We supply the rail with a suitable carriage plate on which to mount the slewing ring bearing. Any design work by the engineer is rendered unnecessary. This is not all that creates a cost advantage, says our linear technology expert Michael Hornung, who goes on to explain: “The rail has a high degree of torsional rigidity and is very low-profile with a system height of only 40mm.” It is very easy to install as the ready-to-mount linear carriage is simply pushed onto the rail. Due to long-lasting self-lubricating sliding elements, it is a dry-operating system that ensures absolutely clean surfaces, no sticking of dirt, and no danger of adjacent materials becoming contaminated.

Two in one

The linear/rotary guide combines two directions of movement from two top sellers of the igus® product range. A PRT-04 slewing ring bearing for the rotary movement and a drylin W linear carriage on a guide rail for the linear stroke. The two systems are combined in one linear carriage for the first time.

Some facts about the PRT-04

The PRT series has been proving its worth for years, as robust and wear-resistant slewing ring bearings With the new low-profile PRT-04 version, we also reduce the necessary installation space and enable a weight reduction of up to 60%. Click here to go to the PRT-04.

Some facts about the drylin W linear rail

The drylin W linear systems are very popular with customers due to their flexibility. Easy to install due to double rails, variable designs, such as a design at right angles, are possible with single rails. With completely assembled linear carriages or single bearings with many functions such as pretension, with rollers or manual clamp, many designs are used in industry and interiors as well as in the DIY area. Click here to go to the drylin W rails.

Application areas

In in a current product study, we combine the two products in one linear carriage. In a customer project, involving a kinematic seat mechanism for example, the table can be moved linearly in the armrest and pivoted with the slewing ring out of the sitting area, or an iPad can be adjusted to the right viewing angle. Both movements are carried out smoothly. Super silent due to the absence of balls; clean and maintenance-free due to the absence of lubrication

drylin linear/rotary guide in an armrest

Another possible application is its use in robotics as the 7th axis. The robot arm gains more space to work in due to the possibility of linear adjustment. The wide double rails provide a high degree of support and long travels of up to 4m. Thanks to the PRT slewing ring, the robot arm can be pivoted or rotated.

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