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Where can I print 3D?

Dirk Zacharias | 5. July 2019

Where can I print 3D?

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There are many different suppliers who use the 3D printing process to make models or parts. Depending on the requirements and the application, it is important to decide whether plastic, metal or another material should be used in 3D printing. It is also possible to select from different quality levels (e.g. infill or precision) of the materials.

The choice of the right provider should not therefore be made exclusively on the price. For example, it makes a difference if the requirement is a model for illustrative purposes or whether it is to make a prototype or a rarely needed spare part. Here different 3D printing methods and materials come into question. If you are not really acquainted with 3D printing and its possibilities, you should get advice in advance to make the right choice and get the best result at the best price.  

At igus we offer special high-performance polymers that display their advantages and properties, especially for components in moving applications. By using our iglidur plastics in 3D printing, we are able to produce gears, plain bearings, rollers, racks, grippers and other custom components with very high wear resistance. These materials are slightly more expensive than simpler standard materials (e.g. PA12 in laser sintering or POM in mechanical manufacturing). Due to the up to 50 times higher wear resistance, however, this pays off quickly.   The higher wear resistance is achieved by adding solid lubricants to the plastics.

Wear-resistant, high-performance plastics for 3D printing – iglidur filaments

Calculate the price for your low-wear component at the 3D printing service of igus:

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