When is direct 3D printing more suitable than print2mold?

Dirk Zacharias | 1. August 2019

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For example, if the delivery must be extremely fast – 24h up to a maximum of 3 days. In addition, the more complex the component, the more beneficial it is to make the components directly in 3D printing. Due to the tool-less manufacturing, complexity does not cause any additional costs. For small parts under 5 g, no matter whether complex or simple, 3D printing can be the most cost-effective method – even with quantities up in the four-digit range. For 3D printing, you can use the igus 3D printing service to order your custom-made special parts online and fast. iglidur high-performance plastics are also available as filaments for the 3D printing and are particularly suitable for moving applications due to their high abrasion resistance and very good coefficients of friction.

Laser sintering printing with iglidur powder in the installation space
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