Why wear-resistant 3D printing components made of iglidur plastics?

Dirk Zacharias | 1. August 2019

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For manufacturing with 3D printers, you can choose from a wide range of technical plastics. Tribology know-how accumulated over decades is included in the development of our polymers. That way, you can find the iglidur high-performance plasticwith the perfect specifications for your application. For example for high loads, contact with food, media resistance or high temperatures. All iglidur high-performance plastics do without lubrication and are tribologically optimised. That means that they have an outstanding service life and low friction.
Your advantages with tribologically optimised iglidur polymers

  • Low wear and low friction due to tribological optimisation
  • Lubrication is superfluous due to plastic compounds with integrated solid lubricant
  • Highest quality at the level of injection moulding parts
  • Tribological testing of all materials in the industry’s largest test laboratory
  • Various plastic materials made in Germany
Wear-optimised components made of iglidur plastic from the 3D printer

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