When do you use a xiros polymer ball bearing instead of an iglidur polymer plain bearing?

Martina Kölsch | 2. July 2019

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In general, it can be said that xiros polymer ball bearings are preferable to iglidur plain bearings where rotating movements with velocities above 1.5 metres/second can occur continuously with low loads. The significantly lower coefficient of friction of the polymer ball bearings compared to plain bearings ensures less heat generation and lower wear.

Decisive is above all the inner diameter of the ball bearing. The smaller the inner diameter, the fewer revolutions the bearing has to make per minute, which in turn has a positive effect on heat generation and dissipation. As the diameter of the ball bearing increases, the maximum load capacity increases while the maximum possible speed decreases. _x000D_

For higher load capacity applications, our double row polymer ball bearings are ideal. For applications where dirt and abrasive substances occur, we offer xiros ball bearings with cover plate.

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