What recommendations are there regarding the gluing of plain bearings?

Lars Butenschön | 1. July 2019

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In standard cases, we have had very good experience with superglues (e.g. Loctite 401). In the case of materials like iglidur J that are difficult to glue, considerably better results are achieved with 2-component systems (for example Loctite 406 + Primer 770). For applications involving high temperatures, we have had good experience with epoxy resin systems (for example Hysol).
In addition, whatever superglue is used, it is important that the workpieces are cleaned thoroughly and are free of grease. This can be done with professional cleaning agents, for example, but also with simple fast-acting grease removers. Roughening the contact surfaces also enhances adhesion.
In general, gluing should only be used as a supplementary measure and should not completely replace the press-fit.

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