What is the technical core competence of igus concerning plastic bearings?

Lars Butenschön | 2. July 2019

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Over the years, the material developers of igus have developed hundreds of material compounds, of which nearly 40 have now found their way into the polymer plain bearing catalogue. The basic structure is usually the same:_x000D_

1. Base polymers that characterise the fundamental tribological, mechanical, thermal and chemical specifications of the bearing

2. Fibres and fillers that give the bearings a high mechanical strength

3. Solid lubricants that significantly optimise wear and friction

Every year, igus engineers develop more than 100 new material compounds

The company igus constantly develops new polymer blends for every application and carries out nearly 10,000 tests every year in its laboratory. Unlike most bearing manufacturers, igus concentrates exclusively on high-performance plastics and is in a position to cost-effectively process these into plain bearings by means of injection moulding. These plastic plain bearings are used in a variety of industries, including agriculture, medicine, automotive, packaging, aerospace, sports equipment, engineering and much more. In addition, igus archives the test results in a comprehensive database. After testing a new polymer blend, the results are added to the data pool where they are available for a unique service life calculation: the Expert system, where you can enter the maximum load, speeds and temperature of your application, as well as shaft and housing materials to determine the best plastic bearings and their expected service life.

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