What is the significance of the three aspects relating to bend radius and temperature?

Marco Thull | 8. July 2019

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Three different factors are related to the bend radius for cables.

  1. the bend factor in use of a fixed cable
  2. the bend factor in use of a flexible cable
  3. the use in a linear chain

The temperature information of the individual cable families relates to three different scenarios: fixed installation, flexible movement and movement in a chain. The statements are made on the basis of DIN tests 60811 & 50305. This involves a cold impact test for fixed cable installation, in which the cable is stored at the test temperature for sixteen hours. In addition, the cold wrapping test is carried out for flexible cable use, whereby the cable is wrapped around a metal spine and also stored at the test temperature for sixteen hours. Both tests have been passed if the cables do not have any cracks or nicks in the jacket after sixteen hours. As the DIN standard does not apply in the area of chains and there is no test procedure for this, igus has carried out its own tests in actual applications in order to determine these values.

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