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What is reflow soldering?

Beke Nieszytka | 25. September 2020

What is reflow soldering?

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Reflow soldering describes the most significant feature of this soldering method. Solder joints wetted with solder are heated up to soldering temperature in a precisely defined temperature-time profile of the assembly. This method includes the heating of the entire assembly up to the melting temperature of the soldering paste and beyond. The solder melts and joins the components.

Reflow soldering is a popular procedure for soft soldering in electronic engineering. The main difference to other soldering methods, such as hand soldering and bath soldering, consists in the way the solder is applied. With reflow soldering, the soft solder is applied to the circuit board in the form of a paste before assembly.


  • Uniform heating of the components due to the heating methods used

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