What is hand soldering and what are the advantages?

Beke Nieszytka | 25. September 2020

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Hand soldering is the easiest and most common soldering method in electronic engineering. Here, the energy for heating the parts to be joined and melting the solder is transmitted by applying pressure with the pre-tinned soldering tip of a soldering iron. This technique is also referred to as soft soldering. The soldering iron can be guided manually or automatically.

The soldering iron with its pre-tinned tip is positioned above the joint and pressed against the join partner for heating. Afterwards, a defined amount of solder wire is applied to the solder joint, where this fuses and melts at the joint. After removing the soldering iron, the solder joint hardens.


  • Development of a persistent connection, which is solvable
  • Places that are difficult to access can be reached with this method
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