What do I do if the unsupported length is exceeded?

Marco Thull | 3. July 2019

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If the unsupported length of a series is exceeded according to the FLG diagram (fill weight, travel), the following options are available.

  1. Choose a more stable e-chain.

Example: E4.42, additional weight 15 kg/m; travel/unsupported length: 5 m/2.5 m

Under these conditions, the E4.42 is in “critical sag”. If an energy chain is required in the unsupported area with straight upper run, the series 15050/15150, for example, can be used.

2. The e-chain can be supported in the unsupported area. However, this is associated with limitations in acceleration, speed and noise generation.

3. A multiband e-chain®/extension link can be used to increase the load capacity.

4. The travel can be designed as a gliding application.

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