Installation and clearance adjustment of automatic TWA linear carriages

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

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The automatic TWA linear carriages always require a minimum amount of clearance between carriage and rail. They are delivered ready to install with three adjusting keys.


  1. Insert all three keys into the carriage and “unlock” it by turning them anti-clockwise.
  2. Push the automatic TWA linear carriage onto the hard-anodised TS-01 rail.
  3. In the unloaded state, turn the keys in a clockwise direction to “lock” the carriage and then remove them. The clearance is adjusted to the minimum automatically.
  4. The carriage is now ready to use.
  5. The adjusting key is to be retained for future removal purposes.


  • Insert all three adjusting keys, turn them anti-clockwise and “unlock” the bearing clearance. The clearance is adjusted to the maximum automatically.
  • The carriage can now be pushed off the rail easily.

How that is done in practice and what exactly happens inside the linear carriage is shown here:

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