Installation and clearance adjustment of QWE linear carriages

Michael Hornung | 30. June 2019

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The QWE linear carriages are delivered with a transport securing device, which simultaneously simplifies installation considerably. It is recommended that the securing device be retained for possible removal in future.


  1. The AWMQ hard-anodised, torque-resistant rail profile is pushed through the carriage. When this is done, the transport securing device is pushed out. (For removal, insert the transport securing device into the carriage where it is connected to the rail)
  2. The mounted carriage is now ready for use

Clearance adjustment

  • The bearing clearance can be individually adjusted if so wished
  • For this purpose, the 3 protective caps at both ends must be removed
  • After this, use a spanner to undo the lock nut(s)
  • The bearing clearance can be reduced (-) or increased (+) with an Allen key, size 1.5mm.
  • After the bearing clearance has been adjusted at all three adjusting points, the overall set bearing clearance must be checked.
  • If the set clearance is as required, tighten all the lock nuts and put the protective caps back on
  • The carriage is ready to use

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