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How long does a 3D printing component last?

Dirk Zacharias | 5. July 2019

How long does a 3D printing component last?

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Basically, the service life of a 3D printed component always depends heavily on the load and the material selected. Values such as torque, rotational speed, tensile load and compression load play a decisive role. The manufacturing process also has an influence on the durability of the component.

3D printing offers several advantages over milling. The tooth shape can for instance be optimised so that an increased contact surface and the better pressure distribution ensure that the service life of the gear is increased. The online service life calculator from igus offers a very helpful solution for gears. Here you can optimise your component online so that you can achieve the best possible service life in conjunction with the right material and the right gear combination.

Caption: Tooth shape in 3D printing optimised for longer service life

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